Our Company

GLOSEV is an Information Technology Services Provider which specialises in delivering solutions pertaining to IT services, systems integration, outsourcing, and consulting. 

GLOSEV emphasises in providing innovative solutions according to industry best practice as the most appropriate approach to meet our client's expectations and requirements. We always position ourselves in the eyes of our clients to better understand their pain points and address them accordingly. This ensures that solutions are tailored towards improving the technological landscape of our clients and achieve operational sustainability, stability and reliability over the long run.

Since our establishment and incorporation in the year 2011, our team has ventured and gained various information technology experience based projects management and implementation. 
We continue to deliver excellent outcome for each of our client’s needs and requirements. The company is strongly growing and this is evident based on our milestones and portfolios as of to date. Corporates are on a constant struggle in coping with the challenges of managing and sustaining inferior IT infrastructure because of their limited access to competent and reliable technology resources. At GLOSEV, we address this issue and provide practical solutions to close any competency gap in accordance with our philosophy.

GLOSEV has worked with a wide range of clientele ranging from small to large enterprise, private, non-profit, government, and public sectors. We hope to establish a simple, standardized infrastructure platform for future growth - one that you can count on to stay consistent even as the underlying hardware changes and expands.




  • To help develop an end-to-end, IT solutions that will meet your business’ current and future requirements and needs.
  • We'll ensure all of your organisations’ requirements are addressed via careful assessment, strategy formulation, architecture design and implementation planning.
  • The result will be an infrastructure that will optimally support your future business objectives.


  • To be the best-in-class of global technology solutions provider.
  • To develop of innovative IT solutions that full-fill our customers needs,enable them to improve business performance and accomplish their strategic goals.
  • To build strong relationship and alliances to achieve success for the long term.
  • We embrace change and creativity to deliver the best practical outcomes.


  • Delivering high quality, efficient and timely solutions to customers through innovation, industry best practice, and professional delivery.
  • Uncompromised protection of business values,people's wellbeing and development as well as corporate commitment to excellence.
  • We believe that the future is digital.We also believe that the denial to embrace new technology,whether personal or corporate.


  • To improve customer’s business by understanding its IT environment and providing the most suitable technology solutions available. To maximize customer’s ROI, and pave way for compatibility with leading-edge technology.
  • We strieve to exceed expectations and be the best that we can be,maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • We believe in making our complex,fast-changing world a simpler,more inspiring place to live,work and grow.


  • Our dynamic team of young and ambitious professionals at GLOSEV drives the company with an underlying belief of confidence and integrated value system for our clients.
  • Ourselves as the 'architects of change' and,like all good architects,we design a wide variety of projects.
  • To make technology an asset for bussinesses,not a problem.
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